FAQ Friday – Why do I need to keep my address updated?


Q: Why do I need to keep my address updated? Can’t the Department of Labor just forward to my new address?

A: It is your responsibility to keep your address current, even if you forward your mail with the U.S. Postal Service. There is no guarantee that your mail will be properly forwarded, and failing to change your address with the Idaho Department of Labor can result in serious consequences from an unemployment insurance perspective.

For example, a determination denying you benefits may be sent to the last address you provided the department. You have a 14-day period to appeal. If you don’t respond the determination will be affirmed, resulting in a denial of benefits – even if the address on record is not your current address.

Also, if we need additional information to continue paying your benefits and you do not reply, your benefits could be stopped. Worse yet, these documents, including your 1099 tax form, include personal and important wage information and could be intercepted and used for fraudulent purposes.

Please remember that you will be mailed important documents, even if you selected email as your preferred method of contact.

Take the time to verify your address today.

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