FAQ Friday – How do I submit weekly certifications online?

Note: This blog post was updated May 5, 2016, with information about how to file in the Claimant Portal application.

How do the new weekly online reporting requirements affect me?

All weekly continued unemployment claim certifications must be filed online at labor.idaho.gov/cc. You can follow these step-by-step instructions.

What if I don’t have Internet access at home?

laborsiYou may file your weekly certification from a computer at the local office nearest you. All claimants must file online, so please ask local office staff for help with the online steps if you need it.

You can also file your certification from your local library or any other location where Internet access is available.

Does this mean my weekly payment will be late?

Your online weekly certification can be filed starting Sunday for the prior week.  Provided the report is filed by 6 p.m. Mountain Time on Mondays, there should be no delay in your payment.

What if I make a mistake on my online certification?

Make sure you review your answers for accuracy and correct any mistakes before hitting the “Submit” button. If you click on the “Submit” button before correcting the mistake, call 208-332-8942 as soon as possible to have the mistake corrected.

Can you help me find my next job?

Absolutely. We’re pretty good at helping people reach their career goals and encourage you to take advantage of our free services for job seekers. If you prefer to do your search from the comfort of your home, you can also check the calendar for resume help, mock interviews and other workshops in your area or search IdahoWorks for job openings.