Unemployment Claimants: Speed Up Your Claim with the Online Alternative Base Period Affidavit

Unemployment insurance claimants can now report their earnings online by using the Alternative Base Period Affidavit and – if they are personally and monetarily eligible – receive their unemployment insurance benefits sooner.

Q. What is the Alternate Base Period Affidavit?

A. The affidavit is a form claimants can fill out to provide their earnings before the employer is required to report quarterly taxes.

Q. What is an Alternate Base Period?

A. When you file for unemployment insurance benefits we look at your regular base period which consists of your gross earnings during the first four of the past five completed quarters.

If you do not qualify monetarily in this base period, we may be able to roll one quarter forward and use what is referred to as an alternate base period.

For example, if you file a claim on July 6, 2015, your regular base period would be April 2014- March 2015. If you are not eligible on a regular base period claim we can potentially use the alternate base period of July 2014-June 2015, which is basically the result of rolling one quarter forward.

Q. How do I fill out an Alternate Base Period Affidavit?

A. Visit labor.idaho.gov/uitips and click on the Alternate Base Period Wage Affidavit link to complete the online form. You will need to attach evidence that shows what income you earned during the requested time frame. Examples include pay stubs with year-to-date totals, a year-end W-2 or a copy of each individual paycheck from the requested time frame. If you have any documents you wish to add electronically, have them ready to attach.

Q. Do I need to create a separate affidavit for each employer in the lag period (or extra quarter)?

A. Yes, we will look at each employer individually to determine your eligibility.

Q. Is filing an affidavit required?

A. No. The affidavit is not a requirement but it allows you to receive payments more quickly as long as your information is accurate and you are personally and monetarily eligible.

Employers are not required to pay quarterly payroll taxes until the last day of the first month of the quarter. If you provide your wage information prior to your employer’s quarterly payroll taxes report, you may receive payment sooner. If you do not complete the online form or choose not to provide the information, your wages won’t be added to your account until after your employer provides us with that information and any benefits you are eligible for will be paid after your employer files their quarterly report. Most wages will be available on claim within 30 days of each quarter.

Q. What if I can’t or won’t provide the necessary information?

A. Your monetary eligibility will not be processed until your employer reports the quarterly payroll taxes.

Q: Am I automatically eligible for benefits once I complete my affidavit?

A. Not necessarily. Being monetarily eligible means you have sufficient qualifying wages to establish a claim and you have sufficient earnings in the base period, meaning you have worked and were paid wages for employment in at least two of the quarters in the base period. You must also have been paid at least $1,872 in wages in one of those quarters AND the total wages paid in your base period must equal one and a quarter times your highest quarter wages.

We must also determine if you meet all the personal eligibility requirements. Like other types of insurance, the unemployment insurance program requires that you meet certain conditions before qualifying to receive payment. To qualify, you must meet both personal and monetary eligibility requirements.

Q. How soon will I receive a payment after I submit the affidavit?

A. If you are eligible for unemployment benefits and have completed your waiting week, your payments would be released within three days of the completion on your affidavit.

Q. What if the information I provide doesn’t match what my employer provides?

A. If you do not agree with the wage information you employer provides, please call 208-332-8972 and ask about a monetary re-determination.

Q. Do I need to file my weekly reports if I am submitting an affidavit?

A. Yes. File your weekly reports at labor.idaho.gov/cc