Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Claimant Portal

The Idaho Department of Labor launched a new Claimant Portal in November. The Claimant Portal is a secure online application that claimants use to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, file weekly certification applications (previously called continued claim reports) and view claimant information.

The updated application offers new features to allow claimants to access information about their unemployment claim and weekly certifications (previously called continued claims) online.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I get started on the new Claimant Portal?

The first step is to begin a New User Registration in the Claimant Portal. To begin this registration visit and click on New User Registration.


For more detailed instructions on how to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, follow this guide.

Why do I need an email address to sign up on the new Claimant Portal?

With our previous system, claimants used a Social Security Number (SSN) and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for logging in. The new system no longer requires you use your SSN and PIN, instead you need to log in with an email and password. Don’t have an email? We can help you set one up at any of our local offices.

When you log into the new Claimant Portal for the first time, you will be prompted to choose a password. Please keep your login information secure and do not share this information with anyone else.

What is identity verification?

For security reasons, your identity needs to be verified in the new system to be sure someone other than yourself is not using your personal information.

Once you submit your personal and demographic information into the Claimant Portal, we will verify your identity with the Idaho Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

If your identity is successfully verified, you will have access to all features and areas in the Claimant Portal.

What happens if I’m not verified?

If you are unverified, you will have limited access to basic features in the Claimant Portal, however, you can still file a claim. First, finish your application for benefits, then resolve your verification issue.

How do I resolve issues with verifying my identity?

To resolve any issues with verification, first check your personal information for any typos or misspelling and hit submit.

If you are still not verified, contact the Idaho Department of Motor Vehicles at (208) 334-8000 to confirm it has the correct information about you. If it does not, be sure it is updated.

Return to your profile to make any changes necessary. If at that point, you are still not verified, please contact us at (208) 332-8942.

Will I still get paid if I am unverified?

No. You will need to be verified before you will be paid.

I have an Employment Authorization or Permanent Resident Card. Where do I find my card numbers?

Depending on the identification documents being searched, your card number can be found in several places. Please see this guide to locate your card number.

If you do not have a card number, enter AAA0000000000 (10 zeros). This is a generic number to allow you to continue with your claim.

Why do I need to update my work search history?

Work history must be entered for the past two years. In some cases, work history may not transfer over to the new system and will have to be re-entered.

If you do not update your work history first you will be routed back to the work history section and will need to start the claim process again after updating your history.

To enter this information, click on Wages and Work History in the Claimant Portal.

A longer version of the guide to the new Claimant Portal can be found here.

— Idaho Department of Labor