Re-employment Interview Gives You the Tools to Get Back to Work

What is the purpose of the RESEA interview?  

The purpose of the interview is to provide you with tools to help you return to work as quickly as possible. Your Labor workforce consultants are employment experts dedicated to helping you find work. They will provide individualized job search feedback and create a plan to help ensure a successful work search. The consultant also may assist you with labor market information, resumes and innovative ideas for seeking work.

Why is the interview required?

In order to receive unemployment insurance benefits, you are required to seek work and may be required to perform certain work search activities. Required work search activities include participating in an in-person interview if you are selected.

Is it a group meeting?

The meeting typically starts with a group orientation. The orientation will introduce the IdahoWorks website as well as other available work search tools, individualized services, classes and re-employment and training programs. After the orientation, you will meet with a consultant to discuss your specific situation and job search efforts.

How long is the interview?

You can expect the orientation and 1-on-1 meeting to usually take no longer than 2-3 hours.

What should I bring to the interview?

Please bring a copy of your current resume, if you have one.

I am job attached. Do I still need to attend the interview?

Contact a claims representative at (208) 332-8942 to ensure you meet the requirement to be coded as employer attached. If you are properly coded as job attached, we may be able cancel your appointment.

Does the RESEA interview count as a job contact?

Yes. The interview will count as a valid job contact for the week you attend the interview. Your workforce consultant will provide you with instructions to document your interview as a contact on your weekly certification.

I’ve returned to work full time and I can’t attend the interview. Do I still need to go?

The purpose of it is to help you find full-time work. If you have returned to full-time work, you do not need to attend the interview and may disregard the notice. If you become unemployed again before your claim expires, you will need to complete the interview at that time.

Can I reschedule my interview?

Yes. You may reschedule your interview by contacting the office listed on your letter. Keep in mind; being available for work and work search activities is an unemployment insurance requirement. If you reschedule your appointment, we may have to review your availability for the week. We address availability and make our determination based on our laws and rules, and your individual circumstances.

I was denied benefits for missing my interview last week. Will I get paid for last week if I reschedule to attend this week?

No. You were denied benefits for the week you missed your appointment and will not be eligible for benefits that week. You may reschedule your appointment. Once you attend your interview, you will no longer be disqualified.

How do I start getting payment again if I missed my appointment?

Once you attend your interview with your workforce consultant, you will be eligible for benefits the week you attended the interview. You may contact a claim specialist at (208) 332-8942 after you have completed your interview. A claim specialist will end the indefinite disqualification from your claim once they have confirmed you attended the interview.

When will I receive payment after I attend my RESEA interview?

You will be eligible for payment during the week you attend your interview. We will end the disqualification once you have completed your interview. Once the week is over, you may submit your weekly certification for the week (normally on Sunday). If there are no other issues, payment will be issued and available three business days after you submit your weekly certification.

Why didn’t I get an interview notice in the mail?

Your mailing address could be outdated. Please check the Claimant Portal at to ensure your mailing address is up-to-date. Interview notices are mailed on Mondays for interviews beginning the following Monday.

What if I got denied because I didn’t receive the RESEA letter?

If you wish to appeal the determination, please follow the protest instructions on the written determination that was mailed to you. You may reschedule your appointment. Once you attend your interview, you may receive benefits again.

– The Idaho Department of Labor