Soft Skills Are Important to Getting and Keeping Your Job

You graduated… so what? Employers are identifying a trend in their newly graduated employees— lack of soft skills. In particular, personal attributes that allow an individual to interact effectively with other people (i.e. transitional, transferable and foundational skills). Experts have also found that individuals change careers five to seven times in their lifetime. Regardless of […]

Employers Value Soft Skills

Employers have been reporting a decline in the overall level of soft job skills in the state’s workforce, particularly among those in their teens and 20s. The Idaho Department of Labor office recently held a seminar on soft skills at its Pocatello office in response. “The goal was for those currently working and job seekers […]

Soft Skills: A Key to Getting Ahead in Your Job Search and Career

It’s becoming more common for employers to favor job candidates who have soft skills over those with only technical skills. While technical, job-related skills can usually be taught, soft skills are more difficult to learn. In a recent soft skills workshop at the Idaho Department of Labor’s Meridian office, a panel of four employers was […]

Workshop Helps Youth Learn Why Soft Skills are Important

Employers have been increasingly voicing concerns about job applicants – especially young ones – having basic job skills – what’s called soft skills. The Idaho Department of Labor took up their cause recently with a workshop in Pocatello to help young people, typically first-time job seekers, find work. And a major focus was on the […]

Businesses Want Soft Skills from Employees

Soft skills – including managing your time wisely and coming to work on time – are important to employers. This slideshow from our Career Information System provides a list of important soft skills. Need more career advice? You can learn about careers, paying for school and more on our website. 

Teens: You May Already Have Valuable Job Skills

You’ve probably heard of “soft skills” – abilities employers look for in all workers. But did you know  you probably already possess a lot of solid, job-related skills  you’ll rely on when you’re working for a living? For example, if you’ve ever figured out the price of a CD at 15 percent off, then you […]

Employees’ Transferrable Skills Take Them Beyond Transform Solar

Director Madsen, While it is unfortunate we are shutting down due to our loss  of shareholder funding, please know  the training we provided all of our employees is fully transferable and should help make them better trained employees for other Idaho employers. The grant money allowed us to train our employees at a much faster […]

Challenges and Opportunities for Idaho Veterans

U.S. military veterans play an important role in the Idaho workforce and in their local communities. Sometimes veterans tend to be older than their nonveteran counterparts and face a unique set of challenges. Their armed services training often gives veterans specialized and transferrable skills that are marketable in the civilian economy. The employment services offered […]

Top Idaho employer concerns revealed in inaugural survey

NEWS RELEASE For Immediate Release: Sept. 5, 2023 Media Contact: The supply and cost of workers and high labor turnover are among top concerns of Idaho businesses who participated in an Idaho Department of Labor survey this spring. This inaugural Idaho business climate survey was designed to uncover significant business concerns, desired labor force […]