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Why Did I Receive a 1099-G Tax Form?

The article was updated January 20, 2022.

Why did I receive an IRS Form 1099-G from the Department of Labor?

If you collected or repaid unemployment insurance benefits during 2021, you will be mailed a summary of the benefit payments you received. The IRS Form 1099-G shows the total taxable unemployment benefit amount issued to you by the state of Idaho for a calendar year.

Are unemployment insurance benefits taxable as income?

Yes. Unemployment insurance benefits are taxable income. Payment information is reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Are unemployment benefits provided through the CARES Act taxable as income?  

Yes. They are also treated as taxable income by the IRS and the state of Idaho. Please visit the Idaho Tax Commission or the Internal Revenue Service websites for more information.

I collected or repaid unemployment insurance benefits and have not received my 1099-G tax form yet. Where is it?

The department mails 1099-G forms at the end of January to the address listed in your UI Claimant Portal account. If you move and do not update your address, the U.S. Post Office may return a Form 1099-G as undeliverable. Your responsibility is to make sure the Idaho Department of Labor has the most recent and correct address. If your address has changed, log into your UI Claimant Portal account and update it by selecting “Edit Profile” on your homepage, even if you are no longer filing. You can also download your 1099-G form online through your Claimant Portal.


  1. Failure to update your mailing address could result in your 1099-G tax form going to the wrong address, putting your identity at risk. Your 1099-G includes your entire social security number, as required by the IRS.
  2. DO NOT print your 1099-G on a public printer. Continue reading