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Campus Tour is Important Step in Choosing a College

We all know that one person who committed to a college and a major before the start of senior year of high school. However, for the larger percentage of high school students considering a college or a four-year university, visiting a college campus can be a crucial step in making a decision.

Typically, students who are interested in post-secondary institutions fall into four different categories. First, there are those who know what post-secondary institution they will attend, but are undecided on a major. Then, there are students who know what they want to study, but not at what institution. There are those students who do not know what or where they want to study. Finally, there is that small, lucky percentage of students who know what they want to study and where.

Going to a post-secondary school is a personal and family decision based on a few factors including, location, living options, programs of study, college culture, cost, etc. Combined, all of these factors could be overwhelming to any student and her parents. Here are a few helpful tips to consider before making a cross-country trip or committing to a miss-fit for the next four years.

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Considering a College? Rate Them on Your Own Terms.

If you search the Internet for  “college rankings” you’ll get hundreds of results, including rankings of best colleges from well-known sources such as US News & World Report, Princeton Review and the Washington Post. Rankings from lesser-known sources such as Mother Jones, SB Nation and various blogs and Facebook pages also exist, along with worst-colleges lists, rankings of online schools and lists of schools rated solely on athletic performance, weather, parking and concert venues. It seems like everybody else knows best where YOU should take this important next step in your life!

Take control of the decision by knowing the specifics about schools that also take your personal requirements into consideration.

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Changing Colleges? Four Things to Consider Before Making a Move

If you are student who is thinking about changing colleges, you need to think about the costs in time, money and college credits before you decide to switch.

Why transfer?

transferring-collegesStudents switch colleges midway through their education for many reasons. Sometimes it may be simply a matter of continuing from a two-year school to a four-year school or pursuing a program of study that isn’t offered at their original college of choice.

Other times there is a financial or personal situation that necessitates a move to a school closer to home. And finally, sometimes students change schools because they may be in the wrong college, city or region of the country or realize they don’t want to attend a large college or live in a small town.

 Money matters

Changing colleges can be costly, even if the school the student wants to transfer to participates in Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE). Under this program undergraduate Idaho students who meet academic requirements may enroll in a participating state institution in other Western states at a reduced tuition rate.

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