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Signs Point to Positive Growth in Southeastern Idaho

Recent employment and economic projections indicate southeastern Idaho’s economy may finally be heating up.

For much of the last decade, southeastern Idaho’s economy has struggled to grow. Impacted by the previous recession, covered employment in the region increased less than 2 percent from 2004 to 2014. While the region saw impressive growth leading up to the recession, growing 8 percent from 2004 to 2007, employment in the region began to fall as the housing crisis affected the economy. After peaking in 2007, the region lost jobs the following four years. By 2011, covered employment in southeastern Idaho had fallen by more than 5,000 jobs.

Although the region began adding jobs each year since 2011, the tepid growth has done little to make up for the jobs lost during the recession. By the end of 2014, total covered employment was still 3,500 jobs shy of the region’s pre-recession peak, and total job growth over the decade increased less than 2 percent – well below the statewide growth of 10 percent over the same time.


Wage growth in the region has proven more resilient. The average wage in the region has increased from $26,370 in 2004 to $33,687 by 2014, growing by an annual average of 2.5 percent over the decade. This outpaced the statewide annual growth by a tenth of a percent. It should be noted however, that after accounting for inflation the actual buying power for the average wage earner improved slightly more than 2 percent over the decade.

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Mexico Shows Strong Economic Growth, Lower Outmigration

Mexico’s future is looking brighter. Like the United States, it is benefitting from rising costs in China, which are bringing manufacturing closer to the American consumer. Mexico’s growing prosperity is making many American companies court its consumers. At the same time, improved economic conditions and lower birth rates are reducing migration from Mexico to the United States.

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The Aztec Tiger

Mexico is experiencing an economic resurgence and seems poised for strong growth in the next few years. Some observers are talking about the rise of the “Aztec tiger.” The nation of 115 million, currently the world’s 14th largest economy, could be among the world’s 10 biggest economies by the end of this decade. It is expected to compete successfully for manufacturing work against China, India and Brazil.
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