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Idaho Engineering Students Tend To Stay In Field


More than 172,000 people 25 and older hold bachelor’s degrees in Idaho, about 17 percent, but only half work in the field they studied. The relationship between field of degree and occupation is strongest for occupations that require a four-year degree, specific skills and specific training.

The top occupations in that category are engineers, health care providers, financiers, managers and educators. A bachelor’s degree in engineering is required for most entry level engineering jobs, and the engineering specialty is typically linked to the college curriculum. Of all the engineering disciplines, chemical and environmental engineers have the highest relationship between field of degree and occupation, according to census data.
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Idaho’s National Lab Provides High-Wage Job Opportunities

The Idaho National Laboratory is one of the most important employers in the 16 counties of eastern Idaho. Despite recent and highly publicized layoffs, about 6,400 people work at the national research laboratory for the government and its contractors.

The INL in the coming years will experience an increasingly aging workforce. Large numbers of employees are in their 50s and 60s, representing both a challenge for the INL and an opportunity for many Idahoans seeking high-wage technology jobs.

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