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Idaho Exports Expanding

With each passing year, Idaho’s economy becomes more integrated in the global market. The impact that international trade has on Idaho’s economy is measured by the increase in its foreign trade partners, the growth of total exports, the jobs exports create and wage improvements attributed to foreign sales. Identifying these trends can shed light on how Idaho’s economy is being shaped by the global market.

Countries that Import Idaho Goods

Since 2001, Idaho has sold goods to 213 countries – an average of 153 countries every year. In recent years, Canada has been the largest importer of Idaho goods, buying close to $1.6 billion in 2013. Over the past decade, Canada has imported an average of $1 billion a year from Idaho. Continue reading

2015 Outlook for Idaho Businesses

Idaho’s economic growth has been disappointingly slow since the recession ended, however, the last half of 2014 saw it pick up a bit. Many economists expect to see increased growth. The U.S. economy is primed, with consumption and investment expected to surge and government to remain neutral. Trade – partly because of a weakening global economy and partly because of a surge in the value of the dollar is predicted to be the only thing that slows the country’s recovery. Continue reading