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The post-COVID outlook for Idaho health care workers

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A study by Idaho Department of Labor economist Matthew Paskash analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on health care workers by comparing pre-pandemic, current and projected data in the areas of employment and wages, job postings, health care program completions and Idaho Department of Labor occupational and industry projections. The study also examines additional insights from stakeholder interviews and a survey of health care workers.

This analysis concludes with an anticipated near-to-medium-term outlook of shortages of health care practitioners in Idaho. To combat these shortages, the state may explore efforts in attracting health care workers, expanding education and training programs, and stemming the outflow of health care practitioners to other states.

Read the Executive Summary here.

This Idaho Department of Labor project is 100% funded by USDOL as part of two Employment and Training Administration awards totaling $695,785.

Hot Jobs Different Mix in South Central Idaho

Idaho’s hottest jobs over the next decade – identified by the Idaho Department of Labor’s 2012-2022 Long-Term Occupational Projections – continue to place health care occupations at the top even in the south central region, but the other top occupations differ, reflecting the unique qualities of the region’s economy and labor pool.

Hot jobs are identified as those greatest in number, with the strongest growth rate and the highest wage. Continue reading

Idaho Shows Robust Growth in Private Health Care


Idaho’s private health care industry has had one of the largest growth rates in the country and is projected to have one of the largest for the next decade. According to data from Economic Modeling Specialists International, Idaho’s health care industry expanded 46 percent between 2003 and 2013, an impressive growth rate considering the recession. This was the largest growth rate among the surrounding states and nationally second only to Arizona, where the sector grew 49 percent.

This robust growth is projected to continue into the next decade with Idaho’s health care sector growing another 35.5 percent by 2023. The rate was high enough to keep Idaho in second place among all states, this time behind Utah with a projected 35.7 percent growth.


Growth in health care occupations regardless of industry was also very strong, both during the last decade and projected into the future. Idaho is seventh nationally in terms of health care occupation growth since 2003 at 30.3 percent. Utah ranks second nationally and leads the region with 35.6 percent.

In terms of projected growth, Idaho is expected to do even better. With a 31.5 percent increase in health care occupations by 2023, Idaho moves to second in the nation just behind Utah’s 31.9 percent.

healthcarewagesWages for health care occupations are a mixed bag though. Comparing them to all other occupations in the state, they do well. Idaho health care occupation’s median wage is 40.5 percent higher than the all-occupation median wage. That is enough to put Idaho 12th compared to the other states in terms of health care median as a percent of the median for all jobs. Nevada, Oregon and Montana all come in higher regionally. But comparing the actual median wage in Idaho drops the state to 35th nationally. Only Montana had a lower median hourly wage for health care occupations in the region at $23.68.

More details on Idaho’s health care industry and data for all states are in the Idaho’s Health Care Industry Business Scan.

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This article originally appeared in the November issue of the Idaho Department of Labor’s monthly economic and employment newsletter. Interested in reading more articles like this? Please send an email to Donna.Corn@labor.idaho.gov to subscribe to the newsletter.

High Demand in Health Care Jobs in Western States

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Health care jobs are in high demand in Idaho. The Idaho Department of Labor’s 2010-2020 forecast for the hottest jobs in the state shows six of the top 10 are in health care. However, Idaho’s demand for health care workers is not unique in the western United States, where competition could become intense to fill health care openings.

The need for registered nurses in Idaho is expected to increase more than 40 percent between 2010 and 2020 and could be even greater if the state follows others and requires all registered nurses to have bachelor’s degrees in nursing. The estimate sees registered nurses increasing from 11,500 in 2010 to nearly 17,000 in 2020.
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