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Dec. 6 webinar focuses on the generations in the workforce


For Immediate Release: Nov. 30, 2022
Media Contact: Lindsay.Trombly@labor.idaho.gov

Dec. 6 webinar focuses on the generations in the workforceWe are hiring sign in window

Idaho businesses are invited to a free webinar Tuesday, Dec. 6 to learn more about America’s current labor market.

Sam Wolkenhauer, Idaho Department of Labor economist for northern Idaho, will present the topic. Participants will learn why help wanted signs in windows are so prevalent in America and what role demographics are playing in the future of work.

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Find the Right Employees by Improving Your Job Posting

Finding the right employee can sometimes seem like a puzzle

One of the most important aspects of the job as a manager is hiring new employees. Taking the time to find someone who is not just capable of doing the job well, but who is also a good fit for the company is important.

Finding the right person for the job also will save time and money down the road but ensuring your job posting is done correctly can be a bit puzzling. Following a few simple steps in the hiring process will help ensure a great fit.

Write better job titles

“A good job title is essential,” said Darren Rux, a senior workforce consultant in the Department of Labor Boise office. The job title should be specific and reflect what the job actually does rather than a generic job title. Don’t use cutesy job titles and avoid clichés. Make sure the job title is not confusing or misleading or prospective employees may pass on applying.  When hiring for a position above entry level, try to include the level of seniority the position requires.

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Is Trucking an Economic Harbinger?

As the ups and downs of the last few years show, the trucking industry can be an economic barometer. Most goods in the United States are shipped by tractor-trailer. Economist Tavio Headley, who studies the transportation industry, maintains the amount of goods shipped and the number of drivers employed often represents sales trends and overall inventory levels.
ProjectGrowthIdahoTrucking Jobs
Before the recession trucking thrived. There were not enough drivers to meet demand. Some major carriers even resorted to paying third-parties up to a $1,000 for every recruit they delivered to meet driver demand.

But during the early months of the recession Idaho’s trucking industry and the rest of the country suffered. Demand for drivers and tonnage shipped over the road slipped drastically. Many trucking companies mothballed or sold off part of their fleets and some sold out or merged with other carriers.

So if trucking is a harbinger, then the current national economic outlook is positive. According to the most recent U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast released last summer, freight tonnage should grow 21 percent by 2023. The American Transportation Association reports that monthly freight tonnage was up 6.5 percent nationally last year from 2011. Occupational projections by the Idaho Department of Labor indicate a growing need for truck drivers in the coming years.
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Five Ways to Build an Effective Team

The following is an excerpt from a presentation Boise local office manager Derek Harris gave  at the Mountain Home Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. prayer breakfast on Jan. 19.DerekHarris Idaho Department of Labor

Today’s theme is Teamwork makes the Dream work – so how do you put together a team? I want to share some thoughts on what it takes to form an effective team – a team that’s committed to achieving your goals – or in our case, putting Idahoans back to work.

Foster a Culture of Collaboration

First make sure your office culture fosters collaboration – one made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shared by the group. It’s a powerful element that shapes your work environment, your work relationships and your processes. And if built correctly, your employees will look forward to going to work, feel energized, respected, valued and proud when describing their work to others. They will also enjoy and respect their co-workers more.

Assemble the Best Team Possible

The people Martin Luther King surrounded himself with were committed to a cause larger than themselves and motivated by a calling, a purpose, not their own immediate needs.

When assembling a team, never lose sight of the purpose. Assemble the team with your head, not your heart. And remember there is no “I” in we.  No one individual is smarter or has more ideas than the collective minds of a team.

When putting together a team, remember to look for these characteristics as you choose members: people who are enthusiastic, driven, have a positive attitude, a sense of humor and committed to your mission.

And if you are a member of a team or are joining a team (and want to add value), make sure you bring these qualities.

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