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Grant, funding initiatives can benefit Idaho citizens

Not all government grant programs are designed for businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions or local governments. Personal government grants are also available for individuals — Idaho citizens, including students, veterans, homeowners and remote workers, among others.

Personal government grants are usually based on supply of available funding and eligibility requirements. These grants are intended to provide a meaningful benefit to the local economy by creating opportunity, making housing more affordable, educating workers and raising wages.

Currently, more jobs exist than there are job seekers looking for work. Even among active job seekers, job seekers may not have the requisite skills to fill these positions. Grant program funding that supports education and training benefit both employers and job seekers.

Personal education grants

With personal education grants, people can enhance their job skills while contributing to a larger supply of candidates for Idaho’s talent pool. Idaho Launch is one such program, providing funds to promote wider accessibility to training for Idahoans — from high school graduates to mid-career workers.

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Snow great for Idaho recreation, economy; housing and staffing challenges remain

Winter weather is well underway in Idaho, bringing long-anticipated seasonal recreation to residents as well as many people across the U.S. who come to Idaho to experience the state’s top-tier ski resorts.

But despite high traffic and the boon to the surrounding economy, Idaho’s biggest winter recreation destinations face housing challenges for workers, especially those in the service sector.

Idaho ski resorts visits and staffing

Schweitzer Mountain above Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho

Nearly half (47.5%) of Idaho ski area visitors came from out of state in the winter of 2020-21 according to a report commissioned by Ski Idaho [2]. The report highlighted Idaho ski resorts as a regional point of pride that attracts visitors from all over the United States, giving this industry an increased customer base.

For the first time, three of Idaho’s ski resorts were listed in SKI Magazine’s 2023 top 30 ski resorts in the West — Sun Valley at No. 1 (third year in a row), Schweitzer at No. 11 and Grand Targhee at No. 24 [1]. Although officially located in Wyoming, many visitors to Grand Targhee stay, dine and shop on the Idaho side of Teton Valley.

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An analysis of Idaho’s home prices

The following is an executive summary from an analysis of why Idaho’s home prices have risen faster than the rest of the nation. Read the full report online.

Many economists view the housing market as one of the crucial indicators of the overall health of an economy. When the economy is approaching a recession, the real estate market is usually among the first sectors to slow down and among the first to recover during a boom. If this assessment is accurate, Idaho’s housing market prices during the past three years will be critical for future economic forecasts. The average value of single-family homes in the state has increased by about 173% since the third quarter of 2011, compared with nearly 80% nationally. Continue reading