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Idaho’s High Demand for Truckers is Expected to Continue

The nationwide worker shortage in the trucking industry was an issue even before the pandemic. According to U.S. Xpress, one of the nation’s largest truckload carriers, the industry needs at least 80,000 new truckers in the U.S. (*Forbes Jan. 21, 2022 )

In Idaho, truck drivers have long been an in-demand occupation. High demand can at least partially be attributed to the state’s location, making trucking a better option than other forms of transportation.photo: semi trailer truck

Even with the Lewiston seaport, Idaho is basically landlocked and not served by an international airport. Though rail transportation is used for bulk agricultural commodities, seasonal commodity shipments do not allow for consistent rail line contracts.

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Trucking’s Impact on Idaho’s Economy

For every trucking job created in Idaho nearly one additional full job is created elsewhere in the state. This ‘ripple effect’ is due to a combination of factors including the new hire spending his or her wages in the area and increased revenues for suppliers. This effect is measured by a multiplier and in the case of the trucking industry, ranges from 1.6 to 2.24.

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