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Boise Ranks High in North America Trade

The Boise metropolitan area ranks high among its peers for trade throughout North America, according to a new report released by the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. (1)

The report assesses trade between major metropolitan areas of the United States, Canada and Mexico 20 years after the adoption of North American Free Trade Agreement, or NAFTA. It focuses on exports coming from advanced industries, which are defined as “high-value engineering and R&D-intensive industrial concerns that are the prime movers of regional and national prosperity.”
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Mexico Shows Strong Economic Growth, Lower Outmigration

Mexico’s future is looking brighter. Like the United States, it is benefitting from rising costs in China, which are bringing manufacturing closer to the American consumer. Mexico’s growing prosperity is making many American companies court its consumers. At the same time, improved economic conditions and lower birth rates are reducing migration from Mexico to the United States.

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The Aztec Tiger

Mexico is experiencing an economic resurgence and seems poised for strong growth in the next few years. Some observers are talking about the rise of the “Aztec tiger.” The nation of 115 million, currently the world’s 14th largest economy, could be among the world’s 10 biggest economies by the end of this decade. It is expected to compete successfully for manufacturing work against China, India and Brazil.
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