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Tips for Teens: Applying for that First Job

Landing a first job can be difficult for a teen since employers often look for experience when making a hire.

But Hope Keller, workforce consultant for the Idaho Department of Labor’s Orofino office, offered up these tips to make the job search easier for teens.

What resume tips do you have for teens?

Workforce consultant Hope Keller

Workforce consultant Hope Keller

Don’t sell yourself short.  Write down all the activities you are involved in (school, volunteer, sports), as well as “spot” jobs such as babysitting, housecleaning, yard work and family jobs like ranching.

Next, write down all your skills and separate them into two categories “technical” skills and “soft skills” and highlight both. Employers often look for a combination of both.

Don’t overlook your soft skills. For example, if you play sports you learned teamwork, communication, the ability to follow directions and the ability to prioritize and multitask. Sports also teach transferrable technical skills such as physical fitness and hand-eye coordination.

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