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FAQ Friday – What do I do when I can’t get an interview?

Sometimes the answer may be simply that there are many applicants to choose from. Remember there are a lot of employers out there and maybe getting an entry level job elsewhere could help you get a job with their perfect employer at a higher level in the future. In the meantime…Computrol

Get a Second Opinion on how you present yourself to prospective employers in a résumé, cover letter or in person. Ask an Idaho Department of Labor consultant to review these items and how you can better portray yourself to the employer.

Can YOU Read Your Writing? Was your application legible? Some company hiring managers won’t even consider you if they can’t read your writing. Did you fail to complete your application, explain your strong skills, abilities, and training or education? Did you go to the office on Monday, the busiest day of the week, or at closing time? Try a mock “turn in your application” the exact way you did with the last company you visited, and do it with someone who will give you some feedback. You may discover some issues you haven’t thought of before. Make sure everything is filled in on the application, and if the subject doesn’t pertain, a simple (n/a) is adequate, but don’t leave it blank.

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FAQ Friday – Unemployment extensions are ending. What can I do to prepare?

A: You are correct; extended unemployment insurance benefits are scheduled to end December 30, 2012, which means no more extended benefit payments each week.

Job fairs are only one of several free services offered by 25 Labor offices located throughout the state. This photo is from a job fair held this fall at the Idaho Center in Nampa.

We all know winter is a tough time to be looking for work in Idaho, which is why now is a good time to take advantage of the many Labor services available to help you find a job:

  • Résumés that highlight your skills, knowledge and abilities;
  • Training resources to help upgrade your skills;
  • Job interview assistance including how to organize your thoughts and present yourself as a strong, confident candidate;
  • Answering difficult questions about your work history;
  • Overcoming barriers you think may be preventing you from getting hired; and
  • Using social media to network your way into your next job.

All of these services and more – like job clubs, professional networking groups and every workshop we offer – are available to the public at no cost.

Yes, a good job can still be hard to find in today’s economy, but we see new job listings every day, so give us a call or visit your nearest local office.

Pocatello’s John Schwartz: Finding More than Just Another Job

Listen to John Schwartz, a graduate of Idaho State University, talk about how the training he received at the ISU College of Technology  successfully shaped his future:

Today, Schwartz  one of the first graduates of the program, is owner and operator of EASY Solutions, a company specializing in renewable energy needs.

“EASY Solutions is committed to being an absolute success in the eyes of the ISU faculty by keeping the education I received in Idaho, benefiting Idaho families and businesses,” said Schwartz.

ISU’S Renewable Energy Systems program is a nine month program that prepares students to work in an industry in need of skilled professionals. It was funded in part through a $5.9 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor which allowed the state to help install state-of-the-art equipment in classrooms throughout Idaho and strengthen dual-credit programs where high school students earn post-secondary credits before they graduate.

Idaho was one of 34 states to receive a green grant from the $190 million earmarked in a 2009 economic stimulus package designed to expand the nation’s labor pool with the skills needed by emerging industries like renewable and efficient energy. Nearly $4.5 million of the $5.9 million received was  distributed to 22 Idaho schools, with the Idaho AFL-CIO receiving the rest for apprenticeship programs.

Learn more more about ISU’s program at www.isu.edu/estec or call (208) 282-2622.