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FAQs About ID.me and Claimant Identity Verification

What is ID.me?

ID.me is the Idaho Department of Labor’s federally certified partner for verifying your identity. The department uses ID.me to prevent fraud and identity thieves from using your information to file for unemployment insurance benefits. Claimants are required to complete the digital ID.me verification process when filing for benefits online at labor.idaho.gov/claimantportal.

UPDATED Oct. 18, 2021: Why do I have to sign in with ID.me just to use Claimant Portal?

The department saw significant attempts by fraudsters to file claims during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of that, we partnered with ID.me to require a higher identity standard to prevent fraudsters from accessing claims or filing claims on other’s behalf.  As of Oct. 13, we have taken the next step to help make sure your unemployment account is secure by having claimants log in to ID.me every time before accessing Claimant Portal.

UPDATED Oct. 12, 2021: What will I see when I go to the Claimant Portal homepage?

You will see a green button which will direct you to ID.me for your log in. You can follow our tutorial for a step-by-step guide.

UPDATED Oct. 12, 2021: How long will it take me to verify my identity each time I use Claimant Portal?

Once you have an ID.me account, most of the time it should take you just a few minutes. This authentication process is similar to what banks and other businesses use. If you have not signed into ID.me in a while, you may have to upload a new selfie photo or take other steps to verify your identity.

UPDATED Oct. 12, 2021: What if I don’t have a cell phone?

You can borrow a cell phone for the verification process at the Labor office or remote location nearest to you.

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