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Employers Have 20 Days to Report New Hires

Spring signals the start of a busy hiring season for landscaping, restaurant and other businesses. New employees, even seasonal and temporary workers, count as new hires and need to be reported.

Idaho’s reporting law requires all Idaho employers to report new employees to the Idaho Department of Labor within 20 days of the date of hire. The date of hire is the first day the employee begins working for wages, not before.

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FAQ Friday – What about reporting new hires?

Question: I received something in my last tax rate notice about reporting new hires. Why do I have to report my new hires?

Answer: Only about 30 percent of Idaho employers comply with the 1997 law requiring them to report newly hired workers to the Idaho Department of Labor within 20 days. When Idaho businesses report new hires, it’s much quicker to catch people who may be fraudulently collecting unemployment insurance benefits while they are gainfully employed. When businesses don’t report, it takes months to identify people who may be providing false information, long after they have returned to work.

Question: How do I report my new hires?

Answer: All we need is a copy of your new employee’s W-4, the date of hire and your federal employer identification or state unemployment insurance tax account number. You can fax, mail, report it to us online or drop it off at any of our 25 local offices. Learn more about your reporting options at: labor.idaho.gov/newhire