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Retail Sales Move From Big Ticket Items to Gasoline, Online Sales

Idaho was not immune from the national recession that took a bite out of retail sales. While retail has been recovering since 2010, sales and employment remain below prerecession levels despite population growth, and the outlook remains mixed.

Retail fell and now is rising: Retail activity, based on sales subject to Idaho sales tax and adjusted to 2013 dollars, fell 11.1 percent from $23.8 billion in 2007 to $18 billion in 2010. Since then sales have been increasing, but at $21.2 billion in 2013, remained below the prerecession peak.

Retail chart 1

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Retail Job Growth in Idaho a Positive Sign

retrail growth by sector

There are signs that the economy is improving – declining unemployment rates and new jobs. And many of those new jobs are in retail trade, which promises strong growth. It is the second largest employment sector behind government with just over 80,000 workers – about one in every eight across the state.

Retail growth can be a barometer of how the economy is doing. Generally when people have more disposable income retail sales grow and more workers are needed to meet that demand.

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