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Unemployment Claimants: Speed Up Your Claim with the Online Alternative Base Period Affidavit

Unemployment insurance claimants can now report their earnings online by using the Alternative Base Period Affidavit and – if they are personally and monetarily eligible – receive their unemployment insurance benefits sooner.

Q. What is the Alternate Base Period Affidavit?

A. The affidavit is a form claimants can fill out to provide their earnings before the employer is required to report quarterly taxes.

Q. What is an Alternate Base Period?

A. When you file for unemployment insurance benefits we look at your regular base period which consists of your gross earnings during the first four of the past five completed quarters.

If you do not qualify monetarily in this base period, we may be able to roll one quarter forward and use what is referred to as an alternate base period.

For example, if you file a claim on July 6, 2015, your regular base period would be April 2014- March 2015. If you are not eligible on a regular base period claim we can potentially use the alternate base period of July 2014-June 2015, which is basically the result of rolling one quarter forward.

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FAQ Friday – I Filed My Unemployment Claim. Now What Happens?

This blog post was updated with new information on March 9, 2017.

Q. I filed my initial unemployment insurance claim online. Now what?
  • Ensure your contact information is updated and correct. If more information is needed, we will email or call you, depending on the preferred contact method you selected on your application. We will also mail information regarding your claim. Failing to keep your address current can also result in payment delays.
  • Report your Waiting Week. This is the first weekly report, and you must report your waiting week to certify your claim. File your waiting week online the first Sunday after you open your claim. If you never report your waiting week, nothing will happen on your claim.
Q. How do I give my side of the story about why I am no longer working?

Once you file your weekly report for your waiting week, we will contact you by phone or email for information regarding your separation. Please note: It can take four to six weeks for a determination to be made during high volume months (November though February). Once a determination is made, it will be mailed to you. If you are allowed benefits, you will be paid the weeks you filed for and were otherwise eligible for. Payment will be issued by debit card or direct deposit. If you have received benefits via direct deposit in the past, you may need to update your banking information. If you are denied, the determination will explain why and how to protest the decision.

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FAQ Friday – Why did you change the way we file for unemployment insurance benefits?

Why am I being sent to a phone when I go to my local office for answers to my unemployment insurance questions?

Getting answers to your unemployment insurance questions over the telephone means consistent answers from someone who specializes in unemployment program benefits. It also frees up our local office staff so they can concentrate on helping the unemployed become job seekers and connecting them with employers.

Unfortunately this change is also resulting in high call volumes during our busy times. If you find yourself on hold for more than 30 minutes, you will be asked to leave a voicemail message. Please be assured your voicemail message will be returned. If you are concerned about cellphone minutes or long distance charges, feel free to use a phone in any of our 25 local offices or email us at www@labor.idaho.gov.

I used to be able to not have to look for work during a seasonal layoff because I planned to go back to work for the same employer. What happened?
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