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Labor’s Sept. 12 webinar will focus on Idaho’s veteran population


For Immediate Release: Sept. 6, 2023
Media Contact: Craig.Shaul@labor.idaho.gov

According to the U.S Census Bureau, there were 122,331 veterans living in Idaho in 2021, or 8.6% of the total adult population. Quite a few re-enter the workforce after their service.

Two Idaho Department of Labor economists, Matthew Paskash and Ryan Whitesides, will present labor market information on the state’s veteran population and desirable workforce traits of veterans at a free webinar, Tuesday Sept. 12. Continue reading

April 11 webinar: Importance of rare-earth elements on Idaho’s labor market


For Immediate Release: April 4, 2023
Media Contact: Craig.Shaul@labor.idaho.gov

Rare-earth elements, including the types, uses and labor market impact will be discussed during a free webinar, April 11, 11 a.m. to noon (MDT) via Zoom.

These elements consist of 17 metals used in electrical components, engines and more.

Idaho Department of Labor economist Ryan Whitesides said there are employment shifts within the rare-earth and critical mining industry, mostly in eastern Idaho, Lemhi and surrounding counties, from where their workers may commute.  Continue reading

Jan. 17 webinar focuses on winter seasonality in Idaho’s job market 


For Immediate Release: Jan. 10, 2023
Media Contact: Lindsay.Trombly@labor.idaho.gov

Photo of Idaho in winter

Idaho businesses are invited to learn about seasonal adjustments in employment and unemployment data in a free webinar Jan. 17.

Lisa Grigg, Idaho Department of Labor economist for north central Idaho, will explain the reasons behind seasonality and shed light on the seasonal adjustment process. Workshop participants will learn what seasonal adjustments are and how the process allows clearer comparisons of data over time as calendar effects, major outliers and one-time events are eliminated.

Continue reading