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Idaho Women Fare Better in Traditional Trades

As Idaho’s economy continues to flourish, wages are also increasing. Accounting for statewide job growth from 2012 forward, Idaho has seen a 2 percent to 3 percent increase in total annual private sector wage growth, up 17 percent over the past decade. Wage growth rate variances depend on an array of factors including economic situation, location, industry, job growth and demand. Demographics also show a distinction in wage appropriation and growth with gender as a demographic that is frequently discussed.

Traditionally, men and woman have held different, but essential roles in America’s economic success. Initially women filled specific, ‘white collar’ service occupations such as clerical and administrative. As time passed women integrated themselves into all industries, especially during World War II when they stepped into jobs typically held by men. Another shift occurred when men returned from the war to their jobs.

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Workforce Equality Still a Challenge for Women in U.S., Idaho

Despite the 95 years since the 19th Amendment was passed granting women the right to vote and hold elected office in the United States, women still continue to fight for equality in the workforce.

Women have realized a 20 percent gain in workforce participation and educational attainment over the past 50 years, but a large proportion of working women in traditional occupations are still paid less than their male counterparts, according to a 2014 report from the U.S. Department of Labor Women’s Bureau.

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