Western States Equipment Writes Us About the Value of Worker Training

Dear Idaho Department of Labor,

The Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund helped us provide high quality CAT Diesel training to 20 + newly hired technicians this past year.

The ability to conduct this valuable training with Workforce Development Training Funds has been critical to our growth and overall success. We were able to meet the skills gap in our industry while putting talented Idaho technicians back to work! Our experience with this program has been so phenomenal, that we already have plans in place for another contract with the Idaho Department of Labor for January 2013.

The whole process has been very smooth and extremely flexible… much easier than I anticipated! I can’t thank the folks at the Department of Labor enough for being so accommodating to our unique business needs. I only wish that we had known about this incredible resource sooner!

Cameron Pickett
Employment Recruiter
Western States Equipment Co.

Editor’s Note: Idaho’s Workforce Development Training Fund was created in 1996 and has since helped hundreds of expanding Idaho companies train new employees as well as upgrade the skills of current workers at risk of layoff. Established in 1996, the fund is financed by the state’s businesses through a setaside from the unemployment insurance tax. Idaho businesses have tapped the fund to train over 20,000 workers for more than 200 companies since its inception. The application process is designed for quick turnaround with minimal paperwork.  To qualify companies must:
• Produce a product or service sold outside the region where their businesses are located;
• Pay the trained employees at least $12 an hour plus employer-assisted medical benefits; and
• Increase their current workforce or retrain existing staff who otherwise face layoffs.

Companies interested in learning more about the fund should contact their nearest local office or visit the workforce training section of  labor.idaho.gov.