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Software Pulse Works to Build Idaho’s Rep as a Software-Savvy State

by Alisa Bondurant, Business Solutions Specialist, Idaho Department of Labor;  Idaho Technology Council Volunteer

Reputation is one of the most valuable assets a community can develop. That’s why the Idaho Technology Council’s Software Alliance needs help growing Idaho’s reputation through Software Pulse, a website space designed to promote Idaho’s thriving software community. Just as a beating pulse establishes the healthy state of an individual, Software Pulse demonstrates the vibrancy of Idaho’s software community.

The need to grow Idaho’s reputation is clear. Many Idahoans travel outside our state and meet people who are skeptical when they hear about our thriving software community. During last year’s Venture Capitalists Unplugged event, many financiers commented they didn’t know what was going on in Idaho. This comment was echoed by David Cohen, founder and CEO of TechStars, when he came to Boise a few months ago to speak to our community at a special event hosted by the Idaho Technology Council. It’s clear that many people still associate Idaho with potato chips and aren’t aware of our burgeoning high tech and software businesses.

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Networking, Perseverance Helped Me Land a Job

I’ve started my new position as a financial controller.

Yes, at long last I found a job.  It all started in a professional networking group meeting at the Idaho Department of Labor’s Meridian office.  I had been trying to find employment for nearly 2 1/2 years when I started attending professional networking meetings in Meridian.  Then I started attending the Boise meetings.  I joined the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce, attended Boise Metro Conversations and Boise Business After Hours.  I was introduced to people who invited me to networking meetings.  I attended as many networking meetings as I could on a regular basis.  I provided as many leads as I could in these meetings, making referrals whenever possible.  I volunteered at a non-profit and made a number of connections through that experience.

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About that Resume…

by Sharon O’Toole, Workforce Consultant, Canyon County Local Office

Are you sending out resumes, waiting for the phone to ring and not getting called for interviews? Your resume may be letting you down for a number of reasons. Several things to consider:

Command attention.  A resume that just lists past jobs or  spits back a description the employer wants to fill doesn’t create much interest. You need a compelling opening or cover letter. Try adding a “Value Proposition” or “Career Goal” – a short statement that grabs attention and makes the reader want to read further.

Customize your resume.  Remember employers are doing a quick review of your resume to see if it contains the skills and abilities they need for the job. They have neither the time nor inclination to read every detail. You need to tell them specifically what you have to offer and why you are the best person for the job. Provide examples of accomplishments relevant to the job. which do not need to be work related, but should demonstrate relevant skills.

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