Fairfield Residents Receive Training in Area AutoCad and 3D Skills

A $25,000 Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund Micro-Grant is being used to increase the AutoCad and 3D skills of area residents in Fairfield.

Local officials believe the training, funded in part by the Idaho Department of Labor, will strengthen community skills sets and encourage area businesses to increase wages, hire new positions and expand.

Nearly 30 area residents will be trained for jobs with an anticipated starting hourly wage of $15 – $22  upon completion. Existing employees who complete training can expect a $2 to $5 hourly wage increase.

Community partners are providing a $25,988 in-kind match and include local industries such as Between the Lines Design, High Country Fusion, Earth & Structure Inc. and Integrative Solution. Additional partners include Camas County School District, the College of Southern Idaho, Southern Idaho Tourism, the City of Fairfield and Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument.

Led by the College of Southern Idaho and Integrative Solutions, four training sessions will take place over a 12-month period at Camas County School’s Makerspace Lab. Between the Lines Design will provide training through job shadowing. An advisory board will meet quarterly to ensure the program is meeting its goals.

Training will be open to adults and high school students, and employee referrals will be considered. Adult training may be extended for an additional year contingent upon program success.

The micro-grant program, approved by the Idaho Workforce Development Council and funded through the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund, provides up to $25,000 per grant to local and rural communities for workforce development projects on a smaller scale than the traditional projects. Approved projects must increase employment and wages of a community’s workforce or assist in stemming the out-migration of youth and young adult workers from Idaho communities.

Applications are reviewed and approved by a panel of representatives from business, education, economic development and the Idaho Department of Labor.

To see how the Idaho Workforce Development Training Fund works, visit https://youtu.be/xT1ETGFuA8A.