Idaho employers save time, money using SIDES E-Response for unemployment claims.

Idaho employers can save time and money by responding to information requests for unemployment insurance claims filed by former employees in a secure, electronic environment.

SIDES logoSIDES (State Information Data Exchange System) is a simple tool to help employers respond to unemployment insurance requests in a quick, accurate, automated and secure way. The system is operating in 47 states, the District of Columbia and two territories.

“Responding to claims using SIDES E-Response saves Idaho employers hours of time and effort,” said Tyler Smith, SIDES coordinator for the Idaho Department of Labor. “The system is user friendly, intuitive and much more efficient than using paper.”

A new modernized version of the system debuted on March 23, and features several modifications to help employers provide higher-quality responses:

  • Fraud indicators alert the Department of Labor when immediate action is needed.
  • A new process collects employment details from temporary staffing agencies.
  • The new system is better at gathering information on employee separations, reducing follow-up time.
  • Employers can now upload supporting information pertaining to human resource documentation.

Idaho employers currently receiving paper requests from Labor who are interested in joining the SIDES electronic claims system should visit