FAQ Friday – My employer isn’t posting required labor law notices.

Q. “Are employers required by law to post labor law posters at EVERY site where they have employees?”

A. Yes. If your employees fall under the Fair Labor Standards Act’s minimum wage provisions, information explaining the Act must be posted in all of your business locations where employees can easily access and read the notice.required poster image

A copy of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Minimum Wage Poster can be found on this U.S. Department of Labor web page, which is designed to help businesses determine which posters it is required to post. A set of Idaho’s required posters can be found here.  And remember these posters are free.

Employees, if you believe a required poster isn’t posted at your job, contact Idaho Department of Labor’s Wage & Hour Division. We would be glad to reach out to your employer, inform them of the law and ensure they are in compliance with all of  Idaho’s wage payment laws and the posting of required posters.

Depending on where you are located, please call:

  • Artie Holmes, Pocatello, 208-236-6710 ext. 3659
  • Daniel Rodriguez, Boise, 208-332-3570 ext. 3192
  • Linda Castaneda, Burley, 208-678-5518 ext. 3128
  • Marina Reynoso, Caldwell, 208-364-7781 ext. 3195 and
  • Lorna Marion, Post Falls, 208-457-8789 ext. 3845

Contact the US. Department of Labor for clarification on  federal requirements. It has jurisdiction over any federal violations.

  • Northern Idaho, U.S. Department of Labor 509-353-2793 or 1-866-487-9243.
  • Southwestern and Eastern Idaho, U.S. Department of Labor (208) 321- 2987, or (503) 326-3057 in Portland, OR.