Western States CAT Intern Gains Valuable Work Experience

This article originally was published in the Western States CAT company newsletter. It is republished here with permission.

By Neal Elliott, Meridian Service Manager

We have had the privilege over the past few years to partner with the Idaho Department of Labor in providing high school students valuable work experience in the form of summer internships.  We would like to briefly highlight this summer’s student intern, Samim Mohammad Aziz, who comes to us from Boise School District’s Dennis Tech Center Diesel Program. Samim is a hard-working and intelligent young man with a unique story. Here’s a little more on his background and his intern experience this summer.

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, Samim Mohammad Aziz and Neal Elliott

Idaho Gov. Butch Otter, Samim Mohammad Aziz and Neal Elliott

Samim’s family fled Afghanistan when he was 7 years old to Russia. After spending 8 years there, they then moved to the Ukraine to find work for his father. Samim and his family have lived in the US now for over 3 years. Samim always worked with his father to help support the family while still going to school and handling the challenges associated with moving to several different countries.

Samim holds a 3.8 GPA, and also speaks 5 languages fluently while learning to be a diesel technician at the Dennis Center. One of his many goals is to win the Gold Medal next spring in the State Skills USA Diesel competition held at the WSECO Meridian branch… he placed 5th last year.  He also hopes to be accepted into the CAT Think BIG Training Program next fall.

During Samim’s internship, the Idaho Department of Labor came by to check in on his progress and see what we were teaching him. The week after our meeting with them, I was contacted by John Russ from the Meridian IDOL Branch.

He notified us that out of 200 students and their associated companies that they had met with, that Samim had been selected to speak with Gov. Butch Otter about the experience and how the program was benefitting him.

This young man’s remarkable life and experience was what grabbed their attention, along with the ongoing commitment that WSECO has made to their communities. Governor Otter was very impressed and pleased with Samim’s story and also to WSECO’s dedication to educating our youth on career opportunities.

What a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved. If you would like to learn more about getting involved with a summer internship through your local Dept of Labor, please contact Employment Coordinator, Cameron Pickett at (208) 884-2233.