Responding to Unemployment Claims Online Saves Employers Time

Employers can now receive and respond to unemployment insurance claims online, saving time, money and potential tax amount increases.

In Idaho, all employers are now required to respond to unemployment insurance claims within seven days.

“If employers fail to respond to unemployment claims, their tax amount will increase,” said Tyler Smith, unemployment insurance technical services specialist.

SIDES / eResponse, the State Information Data Exchange System, provides a free online site for small businesses to respond to state unemployment insurance requests quickly, easily and accurately.

Errors such as incorrect addresses, lost mail or delays can result in employers paying more unemployment insurance than they should be responsible for. These errors are now avoidable by using SIDES.

Employers are notified faster than the traditional mailing method, and notifications sent through SIDES / E-Response include questions necessary for adjudicating each claim.

“When employers use this system there is less follow-up because we have the information we need,” Smith said.

According to Smith, using SIDES / E-Response also leaves less chance for an appeal, which is time consuming for the employer. Additionally, using the online system saves money on postage.

Additional benefits for employers

  • SIDES / E-Response is a nationally standardized format for unemployment insurance information requests.
  • Data checks ensure the exchange of complete and valid information.
  • Requests for information arrive faster, which means you are able to respond faster.
  • Confirmation receipts are emailed as proof that a timely reply was processed.
  • Staff productivity improves with fewer follow-up phone calls and less correspondence.
  • Delays related to paper mail delivery are eliminated.
  • Fraud detection is improved to reduce the amount of improper payments.
  • The number of appeals you are required to attend is reduced.

Employers interested in signing up for SIDES / E-Response can request sign up or request an application by sending an email to Once the application is received signing up takes less than five minutes and all future notifications about individual unemployment claims will be sent and received via email.