Employer Quarterly Tax Reports Move Online

All Idaho employers are now required to file quarterly unemployment insurance reports online at labor.idaho.gov/employerportal. As of Jan. 1, 2015, quarterly reports are only available online at labor.idaho.gov/employerportal.

Q: Why did Idaho move to online tax reporting services?

A: Online filing saves taxpayer dollars and results in greater accuracy when calculating taxes due. Additionally, payments can be scheduled in advance, up to the due date.

Q: What are the benefits of filing online?

A: Filing online is a time saver. You can manage your account anytime. Employers will be able to:

  • File quarterly tax reports
  • View account reports – past and present
  • Upload employee wages
  • Calculate taxes
  • Make payments
  • Choose payment dates
  • Pay by check or debit/credit cards
  • Update employer contact information
  • Access multiple employer accounts using a single login
  • Contact the department or send and receive sensitive documents through Secure Messaging
  • Manage access to online reports/information

In addition, excess taxes and wages are calculated for employers.

Q: Where do I go to log in?

A: You will need your Employer Account Number (EAN) and PIN. Your EAN (or State UI number) starts with three zeros. If you are in our system, but do not have your PIN, pause the process and call us at (208) 332-3576 and we’ll provide it to you. You also will be required to enter a password. The password must be eight characters and include one capital letter, one number and one special character such as %,*,#.

Q: Can my accountant or third party administrator continue to file my tax information?

A: Yes. The employer must complete the Employer Portal Authorization form located at the website under the Forms tab to grant access for accountants or other users outside the business.

Q:How do I pay my taxes online?

A: There are three ways of paying,

  • Credit card (plus additional 3% fee)
  • Checking account using Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Mail payment with a copy of the payment voucher.

Q: What if I my employee didn’t earn any money?

A: The online system does not accept zero wages. You must delete the employee.

Q: What if I experience difficulties?

A: Please call our staff at (208) 332-3576 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or see our Quick Guide to Online Unemployment Reporting anytime.

Q: Does this change the quarterly tax due dates?

A: No. 2015 quarterly tax due dates are as follows:

First quarter: April 30

Second quarter: July 31

Third quarter: Oct. 31

Fourth quarter: Jan. 31, 2016

Q: I do not use the computer. Can I be granted an exemption?

A: Only employers who have submitted a waiver and received approval may file a non-electronic report. Waivers must be requested in writing and mailed to: UI Compliance, 317 W. Main St. Boise, ID 83735.

Q: What if I experience difficulties?

A: Please call our staff at (208) 332-3576 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or see our User Guide or Employer Portal Quick Start Guide anytime.

 Q: What other online services does the Labor Department offer?

A: We have many online services available. Visit  labor.idaho.gov/e-services to learn more. You can respond to unemployment insurance claims online, report new hires and recruit employees.

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