Labor Programs Help Youth Looking for Work

The Idaho Department of Labor has many youth services available to help young people who are starting to think about their future and where they want to work.

It’s not too late to go after the summer job you want, and people in your local Department of Labor office can be a big help. They’ll show you how to put a good resume together, even if you don’t have much or any past work experience. Since they work with employers every day, they know what the people who do the hiring look for in an applicant, and they know that things like dressing for interviews and being on time can be just as important as anything you say during an interview. Call the office, ask for an appointment with a workforce consultant and take advantage of her expertise.

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) service is designed to provide education support or job training to people from 16 to 21 years of age. It was put in place to assist young people who need skills training to make a living. A workforce consultant at your local Labor office can explain the eligibility requirements for WIA.  From tutoring and teaching study skills while you’re in school to helping you access occupational training needed to enter the career you want, the Workforce Investment Act could be for you.

Another Department of Labor service is the Idaho Career Information System (CIS). This online source of information about occupations, education and training programs, colleges and training schools and financial aid can arm you with the information you need to make smart decisions about your future. You may have used CIS at school, but did you know that the online CIS Portfolio you set up can stay with you all through your career? Set up your portfolio at school or at the Labor office in your area – you’ll be able to take quizzes and assessments about yourself, learn about almost any career you’re curious about, and use the system’s questionnaires to find the schools that best fit you and the scholarships that can help pay for your education or training.

If you’d like to learn about businesses in your area, go to a hiring event – here’s a calendar of these and other events at your local office. (Select your area at the top of the calendar.) You’ll have a chance to meet people from companies that are hiring now, or who just want to let possible future employees know about the company.

The Department of Labor is not here just to help adults find work or provide unemployment benefits. Our business is to help anyone who wants to begin, improve, or change their career. We’re here to help you, whatever the stage of your career.