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U of I Receives $463,026 to Start Cyber Security Training Program

The University of Idaho is using a $463,026 industry sector grant from the Idaho Department of Labor to partner with  (ISC)² ® to provide students with training and certification through the (ISC)2 Global Academic Program (GAP).

(ISC)² ® is the largest nonprofit membership body of certified information and software security professionals in the world.

Through the agreement, (ISC)2 provides students and professionals the opportunity to gain the knowledge and industry certification needed to enter the cybersecurity industry. The initiative is an important part of the GAP’s goal to establish industry/academic cooperation and fill the increasing demand for qualified cybersecurity professionals.

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Idaho Workers Led Nation in Real Per Capita Personal Income Gains in 2013

Idaho led the nation in real per capita income gains for 2013 with a 2.4 percent increase compared with a national average growth rate which remained virtually unmoved at 0.1 percent according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA).

Economists use the real per capita personal income metric as a leading measure of how well off workers are because it makes adjustments for inflation, cost of living as well as population growth.

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Around Idaho: June Economic Activity

Information provided in this article has been gathered from various sources throughout the state, including professional sources, news releases, weekly and daily newspapers, television and other media.

Northern Idaho
North Central Idaho
Southwestern Idaho
South Central Idaho
Southeastern Idaho
Eastern Idaho


  • The number of housing units in Idaho increased by 6,000 between July 2013 and July 2014. While about a quarter of the state’s housing units are in Ada County, nearly 3,000 of the new units were built in the county, representing about half of the growth of new housing units in the state. (From Boise State Public Radio)

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