Unemployment Claimants Can Now Use Internet Chat Tool for Help With Claims

Blog post updated Aug. 11, 2021

Click to Chat is available again as of Aug. 11, 2021


Unemployment insurance claimants are able to use an online chat tool to speak with a claim specialist.

How do I access Click to Chat?

We recommend first reading the frequently asked questions at labor.idaho.gov/uifaqs. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, simply select the Click to Chat link located near the bottom of the page.

Is Click to Chat secure? 

Click to Chat utilizes the same security measures and protocols currently used by the Labor Department to keep information secure.  It is as safe as using our website or phone system.

chatimage Do I have to use a special Internet browser? 

Click to Chat is compatible with MS Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and most browsers. We have not yet found a browser in which it will not work.

Can I use my phone or tablet? 

Click to Chat works in most mobile browsers. No special software, plug-ins or add-ons are necessary.

Is click to chat available at the local office?

Yes. Our lobby computers have click to chat capabilities. If you have questions, please contact your nearest local office.

How soon can I expect a reply? 

If a Click to Chat agent is available, you should expect a reply within a few seconds.  Click to Chat is a real-time communication tool.  During busy times, users can expect to hold for up to 5 minutes before connecting with an expert. 

What hours will Click to Chat be available?

Our system will be available from at 8 a.m. MDT until 5 p.m. MDT, Monday through Friday.

Will an unemployment insurance professional answer my questions on Click to Chat?


I don’t like Click to Chat. Can I still call you if I have a question?

Click to Chat is an additional method to communicate with us. If you would rather speak to someone over the phone, please contact one of our staff members at (208) 332-8942.

4 thoughts on “Unemployment Claimants Can Now Use Internet Chat Tool for Help With Claims

  1. Roxann Paxton

    I did my claim on Sunday. I didn’t add the income I will receive this week on the wages. So I am not sure if I messed up on that? Also, do I need to do the weekly claim since I will return to the same employer?

  2. Victoria Rose

    I am trying to file a claim and it keeps asking me for a PIN number. I have re entered my SSN several times. I have also tried a change of PIN number but I don’t have one to enter. I did file a claim approx. 14 years ago but have no idea what the PIN was or if I had one at that time. How can I get a PIN number?

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