Understanding Job Attached Designations for Seasonal Workers

Note: This article was updated on June 8, 2017.

Seasonal work trends leave many employees laid off during specific times of the year.

Understanding your work search requirements while claiming unemployment insurance benefits as a seasonal worker is important for many reasons.

While claiming unemployment benefits, it is mandatory to make two job contacts per week.

If you are job attached, which means you have been laid off or are working reduced hours and will be called back to your previous time job, you may not have to look for work.

However, there is a 16-week limit when collecting unemployment benefits when you are job attached. Claimants must have a return-to-time-work date within 16 weeks of their layoff or reduction in hours or they are required to make job contacts.

These job contacts, which you report when you file your weekly continued claim certification, must be specific and verifiable. Depending on the type of work search contact made, this information may include phone numbers, addresses and the name of the person contacted for the job as well as websites visited (including URL) and confirmation numbers.

This 16-week time period is effective statewide with no exceptions to the rule. If you do not have a return-to-time-work date within the 16 weeks, you can still return to your previous employer, but must look for work in the meantime. Looking for work outside of the field you usually work in is recommended.

“It may be in an occupation opposite their normal industry – for example, a landscaper goes to work at the local ski resort during the winter,” said Benefit Bureau Chief Josh McKenna. “There are available jobs out there.”

If you are a worker who has been laid off or are working reduced hours, never assume you are job attached.

If you file your claim and you are instructed to look for work, you are not coded in the system as job attached. You will be expected to seek work unless otherwise instructed. If you are coded as job attached during the filing process, but it is later determined you are not job attached, you will receive a notice in the mail.

For questions about your job attached status please call (208) 332-8942.

We encourage you to use the work search log to gather contact information that will be required when you file your weekly reports.

Learn more about what makes a work search contact valid for unemployment insurance purposes.

— Idaho Department of Labor