DMV Computer Upgrades Mean Delay in Verification in Claimant Portal

Unemployment insurance Claimant Portal not verified description

Q. Why is my profile ‘not verified’ in the Claimant Portal?

The Idaho Department of Labor routinely verifies your claim information to protect your identity. Comparing your information with the Department of Motor Vehicles is one of our verification methods. Due to DMV computer upgrades, your profile information will temporarily show as ‘not verified’ from Wednesday, Aug. 8 until Monday, Aug. 13. Once upgrades are complete, we will complete the identity verification.

What should I do if my profile is ‘not verified’ in the Claimant Portal?

Please continue your claim application or weekly certification. An unverified profile will not prevent you from submitting your claim.

How do I know if there is a problem verifying my identity?

We will contact you after Monday, Aug. 13 if there was a problem verifying your identity.

Do I need to resubmit my personal information?

No. The personal information you entered on Claimant Portal Profile to verify your identity will be used.

Will my payment be delayed because my profile was temporarily ‘not verified’?


Can I call to have my identity verified over the phone?

No. Continue your Claimant Portal claim process or weekly certification.

– Idaho Department of Labor