Businesses Want Soft Skills from Employees

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Soft skills – including managing your time wisely and coming to work on time – are important to employers. This slideshow from our Career Information System provides a list of important soft skills.

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4 thoughts on “Businesses Want Soft Skills from Employees

  1. saraespeland

    This list of soft skills is a good reminder of the attributes employers tell us they are looking for in employees. It can be hard to measure your own soft skills. Want to test your abilities? Ask your family, friends, and coworkers how they would rate you in some of these categories. The best way to measure your soft skills is by hearing from others how you are doing.

  2. Nichole Brown

    I would love to see Sara be a guest blogger! She is always so full of nifty tidbits! As for soft skills, I cannot tell you how many employers value these as much, but in some cases, more than occupational skills. How many job listings have the tag, “empoyer willing to train”? The willingness to learn, ability to learn quickly, or motivation to succeed can be more valuable to many employers than an extensive education or work history. Nice post!

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