Professional Networking Groups Lead to Jobs and Future Employees

There’s no question: Networking helps increase your social connections. It’s also a great way to find a new job or identify your next employee.  Just ask Bob Roehl.

Roehl found employment twice with the help of professional networking group hosted by the Idaho Department of Labor. “I made contact with Clearwater recruiters at one of the meetings and it led directly to my job here at Clearwater,” Roehl said. “I also found my previous job at Transform Solar, due to my attendance at a meeting. I credit the Boise and Meridian groups for helping me hone my elevator pitch and my interviewing techniques. They were invaluable and I recommend them frequently.”

Several hundred professionals have participated in the Idaho Department of Labor’s Professional Networking Group meetings since they were first established in 2009. And if you are a professional looking to strengthen your job search skills, find a new career or wish to talk with an employer wanting to identify future employees, you should plan to attend the next session in your area.

Tracey Stone, recruitment director for Sage Wealth Management LLC, was the guest speaker at a recent Boise Professional Networking Group meeting.

Tracey Stone, recruitment director for Sage Wealth Management LLC, was the guest speaker at a recent Professional Networking Group meeting in our Boise local office.

Finding a New Job

The department’s professional networking groups exist because they work and have proven their ability to enhance a professional’s job search. Meeting topics are diverse and informative. From mock interview panels to teamwork challenges, participants are challenged to learn new job search strategies and networking techniques as a way of helping them land their next job.

Identifying Future Employees

Employers who present at the professional networking meetings inform members about their organization’s culture, career opportunities and hiring practices. Since the group’s members possess advanced skills in various industries, many employers find it beneficial to volunteer as a presenter when trying to identify future employees.

Get Involved

The size of the groups make it easy to network and get to know everyone. Attendance can vary from 10-30 job seekers each meeting.

Professional networking groups are hosted at the Boise and Meridian Idaho Department of Labor offices. For more information, contact the facilitators Bud Swanson (Boise) – 208-332-3570 ext. 3817 or  and Larry Willis (Meridian) – 208-332-3570 ext. 3144 or

— Rachel Piepmeyer, Boise workforce consultant