Find the Right Employees by Improving Your Job Posting

Finding the right employee can sometimes seem like a puzzle

One of the most important aspects of the job as a manager is hiring new employees. Taking the time to find someone who is not just capable of doing the job well, but who is also a good fit for the company is important.

Finding the right person for the job also will save time and money down the road but ensuring your job posting is done correctly can be a bit puzzling. Following a few simple steps in the hiring process will help ensure a great fit.

Write better job titles

“A good job title is essential,” said Darren Rux, a senior workforce consultant in the Department of Labor Boise office. The job title should be specific and reflect what the job actually does rather than a generic job title. Don’t use cutesy job titles and avoid clichés. Make sure the job title is not confusing or misleading or prospective employees may pass on applying.  When hiring for a position above entry level, try to include the level of seniority the position requires.

Write better job descriptions

“A bad job description may deter a good candidate from even applying,” Rux said. Companies often post long job descriptions with detailed information including an extensive list of responsibilities and requirements. Rux has noticed this tends to alienate qualified employees.

By wording a job description to emphasize what the company can do for potential employees, better candidates will be attracted and want to apply. This can be done by shifting from a “demands-abilities” approach to a “needs-supplies” approach in the job listing.  It is important to “sell” the company and the job to attract the candidate you want. List the aspects of the job which will excite potential employees and only focus on the essentials. Any skills which are not essential should be listed separately as preferred qualifications.

Include the rate of pay and any benefits

Including a range of pay for the position is an important time saver. No hiring manager wants to go through the entire process of finding a fantastic employee only to find out they have to start over because the top candidate is expecting more than the position pays.

“It is also important to ensure the rate of pay is commensurate with the skills required and in line with similar positions in the area,” Rux said. Take the time to look up current rates of pay on the Idaho Department of Labor’s JobScape or call a workforce consultant in a local Department of Labor office. Remember to mention the benefits in the job listing and use them to sell the company to potential employees. This includes tangible benefits such as 401k and insurance as well as the intangible benefits such as a flexible work schedule.

Post on social media and stay up to date on tech trends

Quality employees are not always actively searching for a new job so they may not be searching job sites but they are on social media. By posting job listings on social media, those potential employees will see the job listing too. Most job seekers use their smartphone for some aspect in their job search. It is important to ensure the company careers page is mobile-friendly.

Post your jobs on the right job board

In addition to listing the job on the Department of Labor IdahoWorks job site, make sure to post to the job board which is the best match for the job. If there is an industry specific job board such as which is widely used when recruiting for the position you are posting, considering using it as well.

Focus on soft skills and company culture

“One of the biggest mistakes companies make is failing to discuss company culture,” Rux said. Instead of focusing on finding someone with the perfect skill set and education, remember that skills can be taught but social intelligence cannot.

Social intelligence, the capacity to effectively navigate social situations and work well with others, is important in making sure any new hires will fit into the current culture at the company. Finding someone with good communication skills, interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence is often as important as making sure they are qualified for the job. Remember to fit the personality to the job. Additionally, discussing the company culture and benefits is a great way to sell the organization to the ideal candidate.

If you have several open positions or a hard-to-fill position, our workforce consultants are here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact a local office.

— Kristie Winslow, technical writer
Idaho Department of Labor