Let’s Work: Youth Program Helps Retain Idaho Talent

After Heather Fields enrolled in the Idaho Department of Labor’s youth employment program in August 2012, she worked part time at the Boise local office as a clerk – a job where she could develop important workplace attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary for landing full-time employment. idaho career information

She demonstrated tremendous commitment during her work experience, but midway through learned she would lose her place to stay in Boise in less than two weeks. For Heather, moving back to California meant jeopardizing the positive path she was on in her new life in Boise.

Labor’s Boise office staff helped Heather develop her resume, provided job listings and employment referrals and spread the word internally that she needed full-time employment with a great employer – and she needed it quickly.

Computers for Kids – a company that provides computers to K-14 students for at-home use – was having a difficult time filling an open receptionist position. After discussing her background and interests with Boise local office staff, the employer scheduled an interview with Heather and hired her the same day.

Working at Computers for Kids has given Heather an opportunity to learn new skills and she enjoys her new job.

“I like learning new things about computers,” Fields said. “I’m even learning how computers are built. I like having a job where I am needed and useful, where my presence helps improve the functionality of the place, and where I can be part of the solutions and create order and organization.”

Heather is a great example of how the department’s youth employment program helps guide vulnerable youth to a prosperous future and provides local businesses with talented hires.

Funded by Workforce Investment Act monies, the department’s youth service program is designed to help people between the ages of 16-21 gain skills through college or vocational school exploration, training opportunities, work experience and apprenticeships.

You can learn more about the department’s youth service’s program on the Labor website.