Looking For A Job? A Boise Recruiter Offers Tips

We asked Wells Fargo recruiter Maggie McCormick to offer some insight into the job search process and to offer tips to job seekers:

First of all, what does a recruiter do?
As a recruiter, I am in charge of the full life cycle of recruitment. I start with sourcing applicants from different place and then take the applicant through the entire process until the day they start with Wells Fargo.

Take us through the hiring process for the call center at Wells Fargo.
First the candidate applies. I typically review and contact either way within a week or so. At that point, we schedule a phone interview, and then if they pass that, it is typically a few days until their on-site interview. After the on-site interview, the applicant will either be declined or offered a contingent job offer within 5-7 days. Then the applicant must go through a background check that can take 1-14 days. After that, they are cleared to start in our next class.

What do you look for in resumes? How much time do you spend looking at an individual resume?
It depends on the resume. Initially I will look over a resume for up to 30 seconds looking for the work history and skills that I am seeking. From there, I will spend as much time as I need if I see what I am looking for. For the positions I am hiring for, I look for things like banking experience, sales and customer service. I am also looking for longevity in the work history of the applicant.

What should a candidate do to stand out from others applying for jobs?
I feel the most important thing an applicant can do is take the time to completely fill out an application thoroughly and accurately. Also take the time to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. Repeat keywords from the job description and tell the recruiter how you meet the skills they are seeking.

How do you feel about followup calls from job applicants?
I feel that e-mail is the most effective method of follow up. Recruiters spend A LOT of time on the phone and e-mail can be a much more effective way of reaching us.

Any other advice for job seekers?
I think that is important to get off the computer sometimes and go to career events like job fairs and presentations at places like the Idaho Department of Labor. It gives job seekers a chance to show recruiters that they are aggressive in the job hunt.

Also, if you get an interview with a company, do your homework about the company and bring it up during your interview. It shows that you want to work for THAT company and not just ANY company.