New IdahoWorks FAQ for Employers

Beginning in mid-June 2015, the Idaho Department of Labor is launching a new IdahoWorks, the free online system businesses use to post jobs and recruit workers. ​As the launch date nears, more information will be added to this list, so please check back often.

In order to launch the new system, the job search, job posting and the unemployment insurance systems will be temporarily unavailable starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 10 until 7 a.m. Monday, June 15. 

Q. What is the new IdahoWorks?

A. It is a user-friendly Web-based workforce development system that connects job seekers to jobs, employers to qualified talent and workforce professionals to tools that improve efficiency and employment outcomes. It is powered by the America’s Job Link Alliance.

Q. Why are we changing? Will this be a better system?

A. Our current systems are out-of-date and fragmented. The new IdahoWorks application was developed by a proven entity and is cost effective. It is currently being used by eight other states. Because this is a subscription, our vendor maintains any needed changes or updates.

Q. Will my current account information transfer over?

A. Yes. All employer records or job listings created during the past five years will be converted over to the new system.

Q. Will I be able to control how job seekers contact me about my job listings?

A. Yes, similar to the current IdahoWorks/eJobs system you can elect to have job seekers contact you directly or require them to first contact Idaho Department of Labor staff.

Q. When searching resumes, are there fewer matches when just one education level is selected in the search criteria?

A. ​Yes. When multiple education levels are selected in the search options sections, the number of resumes increase. The maximum number of matches will display, however, if the employer selects “no preference.”

For example, if an employer is searching for a welder with a vocational credential or certificate and chooses only that education level, job seekers that have a higher or lower education level included in their resume would not be included in the search results.

2 thoughts on “New IdahoWorks FAQ for Employers

  1. Christin Hall

    From a job posting standpoint, I am disappointed to see that your site is changing. This site is by far, out of all of the states I post jobs to (and that is most of them), the easiest, most user-friendly board to post jobs to. It is actually my favorite. I do not know which interface you are switching to, but if it’s the vohost sites (like NC, MD, DC, VA, etc.) – it sucks!! This site is much better to use.- as I said, from purely a job posting perspective… just my 2 cents.

    1. Idaho Department of Labor

      Thank you for your feedback. With the new IdahoWorks, you’ll have the ability to save job candidate searches, receive email updates on resumes submitted for job postings and see more targeted job matches.

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