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Understanding Your Unemployment Insurance Tax Responsibilities Including Form 1099-G

Note: Dates throughout the article have been updated to 2016. All other information remains the same.

When you receive unemployment benefits from the Idaho Department of Labor, it is important to understand your responsibilities at tax time. Here are some answers to common questions regarding unemployment insurance and taxes.

Are unemployment insurance benefits taxable?1099 form_general

Unemployment insurance benefits are taxable, and if you collected or repaid unemployment insurance benefits in 2016, you are required to file a tax return for payments received or repaid. This information is reported to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

What do I need from the Idaho Department of Labor to file my taxes?

By the end of January, you should receive a 1099-G statement in the mail which shows the total taxable unemployment compensation issued to you from the State of Idaho for a calendar year.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Claimant Portal

The Idaho Department of Labor launched a new Claimant Portal in November. The Claimant Portal is a secure online application that claimants use to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, file weekly certification applications (previously called continued claim reports) and view claimant information.

The updated application offers new features to allow claimants to access information about their unemployment claim and weekly certifications (previously called continued claims) online.

Here are answers to frequently asked questions:

How do I get started on the new Claimant Portal?

The first step is to begin a New User Registration in the Claimant Portal. To begin this registration visit and click on New User Registration.


For more detailed instructions on how to apply for unemployment insurance benefits, follow this guide.

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EL Depto. de Labor Va a Lanzar una Aplicación Rediseñada para Reclamantes de Desempleo

El Departamento de Labor de Idaho va a lanzar un nuevo portal (sistema) para el reclamante el Jueves, 12 de Nov.  El portal para el Reclamante es una nueva, segura aplicación en línea que los reclamantes usan para aplicar para beneficios de seguro de desempleo, archivar reportes continuos semanales, y ver información del reclamo.

¿Qué es el nuevo portal para el reclamante?

Es una aplicación basada en la web, fácil de usar, en donde los reclamantes administran sus cuentas de beneficios de desempleo. La aplicación renovada ofrece nuevas características para permitir a los reclamantes que tengan acceso a la información sobre su reclamo de desempleo y reportes continuos semanales (ahora se llaman certificaciones) en línea.

¿Porque estamos cambiando? ¿Sera este un mejor sistema?

Nuestro sistema actual esta anticuado y fragmentado. Renovar o modificar el programa era difícil y costoso.  La nueva aplicación del portal para el reclamante está diseñada en una plataforma que se puede modificar eficientemente. 

¿Si yo soy un reclamante actual, tengo que volver a registrarme cuando el nuevo sistema esté disponible y funcionando?

 Si. Cuando usted usa el sistema por primera vez, usted se registrara con su correo electrónico y una nueva clave. Usted ya no usara su número de seguro social y clava para tener acceso a nuestro sistema. 

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Labor to Launch Redesigned Application for Unemployment Claimants

The Idaho Department of Labor is launching a new claimant portal on Thursday, Nov. 12. The claimant portal is a new, secure online application that claimants use to file for unemployment insurance benefits, file weekly continued claim reports, and view claim information.  

Q. What is the new claimant portal?

A. It is a user-friendly Web-based application where claimants manage their unemployment benefits accounts. The updated application offers new features to allow claimants to access information about their unemployment claim and weekly continued claims (now called certifications) online.

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Employers Have 20 Days to Report New Hires

Spring signals the start of a busy hiring season for landscaping, restaurant and other businesses. New employees, even seasonal and temporary workers, count as new hires and need to be reported.

Idaho’s reporting law requires all Idaho employers to report new employees to the Idaho Department of Labor within 20 days of the date of hire. The date of hire is the first day the employee begins working for wages, not before.

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Corporate Officer Wages Must be Reported

Are you preparing to file your quarterly wage report for unemployment insurance tax? If so, remember to include your company’s corporate officers. According to Idaho’s Employment Security Law, corporate officers are considered employees and as such, their compensation must be reported if they perform services for the corporation.

Corporate officers are high-ranking persons, such as presidents, vice presidents, and financial officers, with the day-to-day responsibility of running corporations.

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Unemployment Claimants Can Now Use Internet Chat Tool for Help With Claims

Blog post updated July 27, 2016.

Unemployment insurance claimants are able to use an online chat tool to speak with a claim specialist.

How do I access Click to Chat?

We recommend first reading the frequently asked questions at If you are unable to find the answer to your question, simply select the Click to Chat link located near the bottom of the page.

Is Click to Chat secure? 

Click to Chat utilizes the same security measures and protocols currently used by the Labor Department to keep information secure.  It is as safe as using our website or phone system.

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