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Labor e-response system helps employers respond to unemployment insurance claims


For Immediate Release: Nov. 23, 2022
Media Contact: Tyler.Smith@labor.idaho.gov

Idaho employers with fewer than 500 employees can save money and respond quickly, easily and accurately to unemployment insurance claims filed against their account by using an online e-response system available through the Idaho Department of Labor.

Businesses that register with the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES) will be assigned a personal identification number (PIN). Once they are signed up, they will automatically receive an email when employees stop working for them and file for unemployment benefits.

Each email includes a website address. Employers use their PIN to access and respond to a request. When finished, SIDES sends a confirmation number and a PDF for employer records.

In order to use this service, employers must respond to benefit claims requests in seven days. If there is a disagreement and employers don’t respond in this timeframe, they may be charged for benefits paid until the claim is appealed.

SIDES Benefits for Employers:

  • It’s free.
  • Prevent mistakes with a response format used nationwide.
  • Confirm data and check for completeness.
  • Get requests and respond faster.
  • Receive confirmation notices.
  • Reduce follow-up phone calls, mail and email.
  • Reduce postage costs and paper use.
  • Avoid mail delivery delays.
  • Improve fraud detection and reduce improper payments.
  • Reduce the number of appeal hearings.

Sign up for SIDES E-Response at www.labor.idaho.gov/SIDES.

For more information, visit www.labor.idaho.gov/eservices. Contact us at sides@labor.idaho.gov or (208) 947-1055.

Responding to Unemployment Claims Online Saves Employers Time

Employers can now receive and respond to unemployment insurance claims online, saving time, money and potential tax amount increases.

In Idaho, all employers are now required to respond to unemployment insurance claims within seven days.

“If employers fail to respond to unemployment claims, their tax amount will increase,” said Tyler Smith, unemployment insurance technical services specialist.

SIDES / eResponse, the State Information Data Exchange System, provides a free online site for small businesses to respond to state unemployment insurance requests quickly, easily and accurately.

Errors such as incorrect addresses, lost mail or delays can result in employers paying more unemployment insurance than they should be responsible for. These errors are now avoidable by using SIDES.

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FAQ Friday – How Can Employers Manage Unemployment Insurance Online?

Q: What online services are available for employers to manage unemployment insurance?

A: Employers can respond to benefit claim requests, report and pay their unemployment insurance taxes and report new hires online, anytime.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 10.44.31 AMQ: How can I respond to claim requests electronically?

A: When former employees file claims for unemployment insurance employers can be notified electronically so they can provide a time-sensitive initial response. Two options are available depending on the size and type of your business.

E-Response is an online exchange system for small business with fewer than 100 employees. Employers receive email notices for any employee-reported separations and benefit claims filed against their business. Each notice includes a website address and personal identification number (PIN) for responding electronically. An online manual is available to guide you through the E-Response enrollment process.

SIDES Data Exchange is an online data exchange system for large businesses with more than 100 employees, state agencies and third party payroll administrators. Report separation information, verify earnings and review potential fees. Save money with faster and more accurate determinations, fewer improper payments and by sharing data between states. Visit the SIDES website for more information or watch a video about using SIDES.

To determine which of the two services would be best for your business, view or download the SIDES and SIDES E-Response Comparison Table.

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