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Idaho Labor Unveils New Service Model


For Immediate Release: July 8, 2019
Information Contact: Georgia Smith (208) 332-3570, ext. 2102

BOISE, Idaho – Idaho Department of Labor Director Jani Revier today announced a new statewide model that will directly serve more Idahoans.

“We are bringing the Department of Labor to the citizens of rural Idaho. This is a new way to provide service, an Idaho way, that addresses the unique regional challenges that we face in our state,” said Revier. “We want to provide more Idahoans top-notch service when they need it, where they need it in order to help them get back to work and access the benefits they are entitled to.”

The new model modernizes how the department delivers services, focusing on increasing Idaho Labor’s presence while decreasing its physical footprint. After several months of transition, there will be six primary Idaho Labor regional offices in Post Falls, Lewiston, Caldwell, Twin Falls, Pocatello and Idaho Falls. Five affiliate offices will remain in Sandpoint, Orofino, Boise, Burley and Salmon. These 11 offices will offer walk-in services.

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JobScape Connects Veterans with Civilian Job Openings


For Immediate Release: May 16, 2019
Information Contact: Jessica Beaver-Nelson, (208) 332-3570
ext. 4415

Veterans can now find Idaho jobs and training opportunities directly related to their military skills and service at labor.idaho.gov/jobscape.

JobScape allows job seekers and others to learn more about an occupation’s hourly and annual wages, worker demand, current employment numbers, annual job openings, and it provides a direct link to current, relevant job listings. Searches can be made statewide or by region.

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New IdahoWorks FAQ for Job Seekers

The Idaho Department of Labor is launching a new IdahoWorks on Monday, June 15. IdahoWorks is the free online system job seekers use to find jobs, create resumes and profiles that can be matched to employers and career exploration options. ​

In order to launch the new system, the job search, job posting and the unemployment insurance systems will be temporarily unavailable starting at 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 10 until 7 a.m. Monday, June 15. Read our FAQs for unemployment insurance claimants for more information on how the downtime affects the filing process.

Q. What is the new IdahoWorks?

A. It is a user-friendly Web-based workforce development system that connects job seekers to jobs, employers to qualified talent and workforce professionals to tools that improve efficiency and employment outcomes. It is powered by the America’s Job Link Alliance. Continue reading

Idaho Job Openings Grow During Recovery

2013 was a solid year for the recovery, both in Idaho and nationally. The recovery appears to be continuing into 2014. Employment is up, the unemployment rate is down and hard hit sectors like construction and manufacturing are starting to show year-over-year employment gains. Job postings are also at an all-time high, even when compared to the boom years before the recession.

Using the Conference Board Help Wanted Online Data Series, which collects job posting information from a myriad of online sources, both the nation and Idaho are showing strong improvement in the number of jobs being advertised. Nationally, the peak month in 2013 had 34 percent more online job postings than the peak month in 2007. In Idaho, the percentage is over 50 percent higher. Some of these increases can possibly be attributed to an increase of companies using online tools to recruit workers, but given the other positive metrics of the last year it is a solid assumption to believe that a sizable portion of the growth is genuine.

Graph 1

The majority of the occupations posted in the last 120 days are similar both nationally and in Idaho. Over a quarter of all ads are for sales and office and administrative support positions. Computer jobs rank next nationally followed by management and health care practitioners. For Idaho the effect of the Silver Tsunami – the strong increase in the 55-and-older population – and the state’s large proportion of food manufacturing and agricultural goods requiring transportation is showing up in job ads for health care practitioners, which ranked third followed by transportation and management jobs.

table 1

Among the state’s regions, southwestern Idaho with its large population and employment base accounts for the majority of job ads. The other regions have similar proportions of ads although the recovery of job postings has varied since 2005. North central Idaho has recorded a smaller gain against its prerecession ad level but has had a strong increase the last three years. Northern Idaho, in contrast, had a high level of prerecession job ads, and while the last three years have seen improved listings over 2009 and 2010, the region is not back to levels experienced during the expansion. South central Idaho’s 2013 performance was drastically different from any previous year, most likely due to the expansion in food products manufacturing.

Graph 2

Comparing the regional percentages of the labor force and jobs ads, however, shows that southwestern Idaho had an exceptional 2013. The region has 47 percent of the state’s labor force but almost 56 percent of the online job ads. North central Idaho is the only other region where the percentage of ads exceeded the share of workforce.

Graph 3

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Career Information is For Adults Too

Idaho’s Career Information System is not just for kids. The free, customized online tool also helps adults stay on a solid path toward a successful future while they are in school, training or pursuing a new career.

AdultCISUser copyStudents and adults with career plans are more likely to stay in school, pursue a higher education and once they enter the world of work, see greater promotional opportunities. Accessing Idaho’s Career Information System is free and can help both parents and children:

  • Understand how interests and strengths connect to the world of work
  • Define a career path
  • Decide areas of study to pursue in middle/junior high, high school and college
  • Find the training, education, knowledge – and money – necessary for following their dreams.

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Let’s Work: How Skill Assessments Boost Your Job Search

Scott Weyerman was discouraged with his job search. After being unemployed for nine months he primarily used online resources in his search with no success.career information system planning

Since Scott was receiving extended unemployment benefits, he was randomly selected by the Idaho Department of Labor to meet with a workforce consultant and see how the consultant could help him in his job search.

Scott was frustrated because he did not know what he wanted to do or what skills were marketable in this economy. During his meeting with an Idaho Falls local office consultant, Scott was advised to take some assessment tests offered through the department’s Career Information System to help him discover occupations of interest. He was leery of taking the assessments because he had taken similar tests in the past, but the consultant encouraged him to give the assessments a try. Continue reading

Are You Prepared for Your Job Interview?

Are you ready for your first job interview?

Watch this video to see what not to do:

Our actor, Kevin, doesn’t do a lot right in the video, even from the start. He arrives late and isn’t prepared to answer the interviewer’s questions.

Let’s see how he changes his approach in this video: Continue reading

FAQ Friday – Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits

Does the new extension bill add additional money to my claim?

No. The current extension simply expanded the time you can receive your extended benefits. No additional funds have been added to your claim. If you have already exhausted an extension, there are no additional funds available.

What do I need to do if I am already receiving extended benefits?

If you want to continue receiving extended benefits, you need to continue your work search efforts, make two job search contacts a week and file your weekly report online.

What if I am running out of benefits and have never been on an extension?

When the money in your claim exhausts, you will be sent an extension application to the address you entered on your initial claim. Complete and return the application ASAP. If eligible, you will be mailed information about your new benefit amount and can continue filing your weekly reports.

How am I supposed to pay my bills?

You don’t have to be collecting unemployment to take advantage of our free services for job seekers. We also have a list of resources that may be able to help.

Can you help me find my next job?

Absolutely. We’re pretty good at helping people reach their career goals and encourage you to take advantage of our free services for job seekers. You can check the calendar for resume help, mock interviews and other workshops in your area.

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Idaho Employers: Did you know you can post your job openings for free?

Did you know that the Idaho Department of Labor has a free self-service recruitment tool?

Once you have registered in the eJobs system, you can post your job opening, including a description and details. Job seekers can then search IdahoWorks to find your listing.

You can search the database for qualified job seekers by using criteria such as experience or education. And you can review candidates who are interested in your job opening.

Need more details? They can be found on the Labor website here.

FAQ Friday – Do I have to look for work while receiving unemployment benefits?

Here are some quick answers to questions about unemployment insurance benefits:

Do I have to seek work each week?

It depends. You MUST comply with the work-seeking require ments you received when you filed your claim. You will be required to either contact employers in your labor market each week that hire people for the type of work you are seeking or maintain contact with the employer for whom you are returning to work.

You must keep track of your work search including employers, their addresses and phone numbers, dates and names of contacts, method of contact, the type of work you sought and results of the contact.

A work search record form is available on the Labor website

What is a valid work search contact?

Your obligation while receiving unemployment benefits is to become re-employed, and you should develop a realistic plan to achieve this objective. Unless otherwise specified in your work search plan, you are required to make a good faith effort to seek full-time work each week that you claim benefits, even if you are employed part time.

Unless otherwise specified in your work search plan, you must make at least two contacts per week while you are receiving benefits or you may be denied those benefits. You can make a contact online, in person, by mail, email or over the phone.

All contacts must be made with a person who has hiring authority, and written applications must be filed where accepted. A friend or relative who works for the company you are applying for is not a valid contact.

Contacts must be for wage work. Self-employment or independent contract work contacts are not valid. The same employer(s) may not be used for required contacts in consecutive weeks.

An online contact is only valid if it results in an online application being completed or a résumé being submitted. Simply searching websites such as careerbuilder.com or monster.com is not valid.

You may find our Valid Work Search Contact publication helpful.

How will I know if I am required to look for work?

Unless otherwise specified, you are required to look for work. If you are asked, ‘Did you look for work as agreed to in your work search plan?’ on your weekly report, you are required to make at least two contacts per week. Never assume that you are not required to look for work. Call your us at (208) 332-8942 if you have questions regarding your work search requirements.

How can the Idaho Department of Labor help me find a job?

Help is available at no charge at any of our 25 Department of Labor offices or you can access our job information on the Labor website. Workshops on resume writing, interviewing and more are available. Check the calendar for specific dates.